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all writing is lies...good writing is lies skillfully told.

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Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:California, United States of America
"All writing is lies. Good writing is lies skillfully told." --David Feinberg

Despite my best efforts, and my primarily-fiction-writing orientation, I'm a natural blogger. Before blogs I simply narrated everything in my head like I was on one of the unscripted shows of my childhood: Julia Child or This Old House. Instead of cooking (or repairing plaster) I was narrating how to survive high school as a shaved head chick with an aversion to social situations. I've never had an audience for my fiction, but folks will read a blog. Sometimes even a blog written by a verbose novelist who frequently experiences spells of melancholy.

I write about seeing the world through a genderqueer lens, experiencing life determined to be single and surrounded by family and friends-who-are-family, trying to navigate a culture in love with black and white, either/or, male and female, gay and straight. I'm over-emotional and terminally unique. I can occasionally turn a phrase. And I have this kid now. I brought a female baby into a world who will find her less-than merely because of her genital arrangement. I sometimes dress her in pink. Every time I tell her she's cute I also tell her she's smart and imaginative and strong, even though she knows none of those words. The old feminist and her pink-clad child.

I don't know yet if being a parent will change this blog utterly or only deepen it. We shall see.
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